Guide to Birthstones

Birthstones are precious and semi-precious stones associated with the date of someone’s birth. Jewelry centered on a birthstone is a wonderful and very thoughtful gift. Birthstones can be used for a birthday, an anniversary or to celebrate a holiday. Diamonds of Palo Alto has a wide range of rings, necklaces and earrings available for all the birthstones. We can also design a piece to meet your needs. Whatever the occasion, Diamonds of Palo Alto can help you to make it one she never forgets.
Month Stone Description
January Garnet   Garnets come in a rainbow of colors from orange to red to green. Garnets were originally named by the ancient Greeks because the color reminded them of pomegranate seeds. Garnets are also the suggested gem for the 2nd wedding anniversary
February Amethyst   Amethyst is the purple gemstone treasured by designers because of its regal color. The yellow version of this gem is called a Citrine, derived from the French word for lemon
March Aquamarine   Aquamarine comes in a wide range of blues with the deeper blue colors being the most rare. The gem is considered to be the symbol of youth, hope, health and fidelity.
April Diamond   Diamonds are the most treasured of all gemstones and are a suitable gift for almost any occasion.
May Emerald   One of the most revered of all gemstones, emeralds possess a green found nowhere else in nature. They have long been considered the symbol of fertility, rebirth and springtime. Emeralds are also the suggested gem for the 35th wedding anniversary
June Pearl   Pearls are the treasured gift of the sea. Pearls can be found in many parts of the world including the Mississippi River. Most pearls used today originate in Japan, China and the South Pacific. Pearls come in many beautiful colors from white to rose to the dramatic Tahitian black. The 3rd and 30th anniversaries are also celebrated with the gift of pearls.
July Ruby   The Ruby, a cousin of the Sapphire, has been a prize possession throughout the ages. Its brilliant crimson color is associated with love and passion. Because of this intense color, Rubies are considered an excellent “accent” stone. Rubies are also the suggested gemstone for the 40th wedding anniversary
August Peridot   Peridot has a history that goes back over 3,500 years. Long credited with possessing magical powers and healing properties, many of today’s stones come from Arizona. The Peridot is also the suggested gemstone gift for the 16th anniversary.
September Sapphire   Ancient Persian rules believed that Sapphires, a cousin of the Ruby, gave blue color to the heavens. Found in many parts of the world, the most prized ones come from Sri Lanka and Burma. Sapphires are the suggested gemstone for the 45th
October Opal   The multicolor flare of the Opal gives this gemstone versatility found in no other gemstone. They come in a variety of multicolored forms with names like black, white, boulder and fire. Opals have long symbolized hope, innocence and purity. They are also the suggested gift for the fourteenth anniversary
November Topaz   Long held as the symbol of love and affection, the topaz can be found in many colors ranging from gold, orange, red and yellow. Topaz also is the suggested gift for the 23rd wedding anniversary
December Zircon   Zircon comes in a wide range of greens, blues and earth tones. Its brilliance along with affordability has lead to its rise in popularity.




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