Guide to Other Precious Gems
Stone Description
Onyx   Black Onyx, a form of Quartz, provides an elegant appeal and the choice stone for those who prefer black. Onyx is the suggested gift for the 7th wedding anniversary
Jade   Jade is an ornamental gemstone. It comes in two varieties, one, called Nephrite, the other called Jadeite. It is highly sought after for its intense green, though it does come in a range of colors. Jade is the suggested gift for the 12th wedding anniversary
Tanzanite   Tanzanite was discovered in Tanzania in 1967, hence the name and is found nowhere else on earth. Tanzanite’s signature is its striking vivid blue color with purple hues. Tanzanite is the suggested gift for the 24th wedding anniversary
Turquoise   Turquoise, with its robin's egg blue hue, is among the oldest known and most treasured gemstones. It’s been worn by ancient Egyptian and native American civilizations for centuries.
Tourmaline   Tourmaline comes in every color of the rainbow. Some gems are serene; others will display bold, brilliant colors. Some will even be a combination of more than one color. These are called “bi-color” Tourmaline. Tourmaline is the suggested gift for the 8th wedding anniversary.




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