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Creating custom unique hand-made jewelry is a dying art, but at diamonds of Palo Alto we find this to be our specialty. We involve the customer in many aspects of the design process to make sure that the piece is made to the customer’s liking with great attention to detail. We try to educate our customer’s with the latest knowledge on materials and stones so customer’s can make the right choices in creating there one of a kind piece.

To start the process you have a consultation with the store’s Gemologists to go over stone choices and metal types and are asked a few critical questions such as: is this an everyday piece or a piece that will only be worn on special occasions, is the person the piece being designed for active or in an occupation that requires a lot of physical activity, are there any allergies to certain metals, favorite colors and birthstones and metal types, etc?

Why we ask these questions is to figure out what would be best suited for this person’s life style. We want to create a custom hand-made jewelry piece that you can wear a lifetime that is a reflection of who you are.

After a general idea of what is needed and an understanding of what your lifestyle requires we have you sit down with our award winning jewelry designer, and sketch a few concepts. After you and our designer finalize on one design then comes the fun part where we create a wax version of your future creation. The wax is a way for you to actually try on the piece and make any changes before we make the finished piece. The piece is cast in your metal choice, the stones are set, the ring is finished, polished and on your hand before you know it. After we design the piece we name it after you because it is yours and tailored for you and you alone.

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